Creative Engineering, Inc. or CEI in Orlando, Florida, is a company most famous for creating animatronic (or Electronimation) characters featured around the world and at Showbiz Pizza Place restaurant in the 1980's. Creative Engineering's most popular creation is The Rock-afire Explosion, a 3-stage life-sized 8 character musical group. They are also known for creating the Whac-A-Mole game in 1976, and introduce a new arcade game, Bashy Bug! in 2016 followed by the Animatronics Experimenters Kit and a new lineup of Rock-afire Explosion dolls in 2017. The company was founded by Aaron Fechter who still runs Creative Engineering today.

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"I’m at a point in my life that i enjoy sharing my creations and joy with my fans. I love to share my projects and create videos for you. I have several exciting avenues by which you can share in the invention process, watch daily projects and interact directly with me! To date my behind the scenes video subscibers have enjoyed 2-5 videos per week, literally every project to come through the Creative Engineering doors, from soup to nuts. What’s best, I’m not just asking people to watch me invent, but if you want to be a creative person, inventive person, a free thinker, inventor, to be happy, healthy, driven. We can interact, you can tap into my mind and process, and take from it what works for you. There’s something to gain, from what I have to offer." -- Aaron Fechter



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Direct from Aaron

December 3, 2017
Perfect for the younger Rock-afire fans who want a soft Billy Bob doll to cuddle at night, the new Billy Bob soft doll is here for order.
September 30, 2017
The Rock-afire Explosion (Showbiz Pizza) is the survivor of the Chuck E. Cheese/Rock-afire animatronic wars. So, anyone who thinks CEC beat Showbiz should realize that my leaving Showbiz Pizza Place and taking my band with me was a move I made to insure its survival, and now, WE WON! We were also the only band that showed any respect of its audience. -- Aaron
June 7, 2017
Check out my recently launched "Behind The Scenes at Creative Engineering" Video Series at the low price of $6.00/month! Hours of exclusive video content published several times a week! Sample/teaser videos in the video section on this site now! All proceeds to to the preservation of CE and the Rock-Afire Explosion.

Latest Videos

Billy Bob doll reveal! Order for Christmas 2017! Billy Bob doll reveal! Order for Christmas 2017!
This is Prototype #4 of the new Billy Bob Doll…
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The RockAfire Explosion - Happy Birthday custom performance The RockAfire Explosion - Happy Birthday custom performance
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The Beatles - Abbey Road Show Tape - The Rock-afire Explosion The Beatles - Abbey Road Show Tape - The Rock-afire Explosion
This is the show I played for Michael Jackson when…
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Bear-A-Dise Restoration - Mitzi’s new look! Bear-A-Dise Restoration - Mitzi’s new look!
To join my Premium Subscription Service and to see…
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Latest Pictures

Rock-afire Explosion albums! Rock-afire Explosion albums!
Vintage vinly, so fresh!…
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Vintage inspired, officially listened designs! Vintage inspired, officially listened designs!
Officially liscenced, 80's Tees Rock-afire…
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Rock-afire Explosion in Keanu! Rock-afire Explosion in Keanu!
The Rock-afire Explosion make it to the big screen…
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Bashy Bug is here! Bashy Bug is here!
The new interactive arcade game with fully…
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