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"I believe in transferring the knowledge I have built over a lifetime and have the desire, drive and energy to change the world through inventing. If I can put this kit in the hands of enough children, the next generation of inventors and entertainers will have a vehicle to follow their dreams." 

-- Aaron Fechter

Introducing the All New, Animatronics Experimenters Kit from Aaron Fechter and Creative Engineering! 

Over the years, So many parents have asked me, "How do I or my child get started in animatronics?"  It was so difficult to answer the question because there are so many areas of expertise required to even do a simple piece of I have worked years to design and perfect the Animatronics Experimenters Kit. This robust kit and video course gives an introduction to every aspect of animatronics and is a great launching point to a career in so many areas.

This kit is comprised of an animatronic mask and inside mechanics, mini recording studio, and all control electronics needed (including control modules modernized and used in the Rock-Afire Explosion). You also get a very valuable multi-part course in Animatronics that could start a career or impress your friends or classmates. The curriculum includes lessons in animatronic mechanics, electronics, performance, studio engineering, Choreography programming, pneumatics control and motion engineering, show writing, psychology, comedy, principles of testing and debugging, the inventing process itself, voice over acting, and so much's all part of my Animatronics 101 video course that comes with the kit. As an owner of the kit I am also offering a reasonable amount of personal contact with me as your tutor and sounding board. The community of new inventors with this kit will also build a Q&A network to share ideas and inspiration.

I will help you weave your dreams. And when you finish your first show and upload it to YouTube, you will have moved to the next step in your path to success and confidence. And that's just the beginning.

In the end, I will show the connection between what you have learned and built with this kit in relation toThe Rock-afire Explosion. How this is the exact same technology that the original Rock-afire Explosion were powered by. This course is the sum total of 40+ years of experience, 4 years of early research that made animatronics possible in its infancy, and more recently 5 years of development to simplify the lessons, modernize the control from a PC (or MP3 player) and is the right way to jump start a hobby or a career in Animatronics.

For schools with science and technology classes (including the new STEAM Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math classes and initiatives in schools), the manufacturing of the kit and creation of the video course will complement any semester coursework in robotics and technology.


My classic characters from the Rock-Afire explosion (popularized in Showbiz Pizza restaurants in the 1980’s) will also be available as an add-on to this kit.


I am selling my Animatronics Experimenter's Kit and Course for $995.00 plus $40.00 shipping. Teachers and STEAM curriculum directors can contact me for bulk order information and pricing. Now taking orders and shipping!

Please contact Creative Engineering ( if interested in starting an amazing journey into all aspects of animatronics with Aaron Fechter's Animatronics Experimenters Kit!


[note: sales of the Animatronics Experimenters Kit go directly towards preserving the future of Creative Engineering and building a group of engineers, artists and inventors that will define the future or robotics and inventing.]

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December 3, 2017
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June 7, 2017
Check out my recently launched "Behind The Scenes at Creative Engineering" Video Series at the low price of $6.00/month! Hours of exclusive video content published several times a week! Sample/teaser videos in the video section on this site now! All proceeds to to the preservation of CE and the Rock-Afire Explosion.

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Animatronics Experimenters Kit
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